Ho’oponopono, Old Hawaiian Problem Solving Process

8 Dec 2014



1. We are part of a whole.

2. Self IDentity through Ho’oponopon is an updated version of an old Hawaiian problem-solving process.

3. That releases the memories or programs that we recorded in our sub-conscious.

4. These memories are activated by our thoughts.

5. Our mind is a thinking machine.

6. If any problem, when I try to solve my problems by myslef, I may fail

7. Because I will turn once again a memory of my past or my ancestors.

8. When I allow the Divine Intelligence to solve this problem, the solution appears perfect.

9. How ? Say to myself : I Love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.

10. Thank you for this problem has been resolved.

I'm Sorry

I’m Sorry

11. Repeating these words, which arer the key words to reach the sub-conscious mind.

12. We are releasing these painfil memories that caused problems in our lives.

13. Nobody can guess what will be your next thought, because thoughts come from sub-conscious mind.

14. What we really want is clean, delete, releasing these memories and programs.

15. When we say “I Love you” “I’m sorry” “Please forgive me” and “Thank you” to the Divinity that is in us.

16. It neutralizes and erases those painful memories.

17. that were stored in our sub-conscious mind.

18. And trasnform these energies into pure love.


20. Stored in our sub-conscious mind that we share with other people.

Please Forgive Me

Please Forgive Me

21. Saying “I Love you” “I’m sorry” “Please forgive me” “Thank you”

22. Let God or the Divine : Cancel these memories and programs.

23. And then, what is best for you Will appear in your life.

24. The physical is the expression of memories and inspirations taking place in the soul of self identity.

25. Change the state of self identity and the state of the physical world changes.

I Love You

I Love You

26. Memories never go on vacation or retire unless you retire them.

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Thank You

Thank You

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